7 Awesome Websites for Learning English Alone

Self-study is great but sometimes you have questions that you really want to ask an English teacher. For example, “Teacher, which words go more naturally with this word?”

At first, it might seem like the only person who can answer these type of questions is an English teacher or maybe a native speaker but today I am going to show you seven websites that can answer exactly those types of questions and they’re completely free and they will enable you to be really effective at self studying at home.So,first I’m going to show you three websites where you can learn new vocabulary.

1. blog.oxforddictionaries.com

Every week on the oxforddictionaries’ blog they publish sth called weekly word watch where they choose 3 or 4 words that are exploding in popularity.

It’s just a sort of fun and interesting way to just add some new words to your vocabulary every week.


3.wordology plugin

It isn’t actually a website at all,it’s a plugin for browsers and it’s available for Chrome and Firefox and it’s called word ology and what it does is it allows you to turn any website in the word into a vocabulary learning tool.

It’s really simple to use. It’s a really incredible plug-in and it’s completely free.

The next 3 websites are not to learn vocabulary they’re to find out information about vocabulary.

4.Google books Ngram viewer


What if you want to know which words go naturally together, for example you want to know which words modify hot that’s when we need our next website which is sketchengine.co.uk


7.Google Docs

I hope you found this article interesting and I really hope that these websites will help you to self study really effectively and to know that you don’t always need a teacher to answer these types of questions,the Internet has given us incredible power to learn English, they really are no excuses.

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