Countable None and Uncountable None

Countable none


Now, we have some exceptions. For example, the word “moose”,you can count the number of moose, but we never add an “s”.It’s a strange exception. In English, you’ll notice we have a lot of exceptions. We break rules a lot of times in English and that’s okay.

It’s the same with “fish”.you can count the number of fish,but we don’t change this word if there’s more than one. I can’t say:”I have five fishes.” I would say:”I have five fish.”

uncountable none

A lot of uncountalbe nouns are actually categories,for examples:furniture, clothes,money.


In English, you don’t count furniture. You would not add an “s” to the word “furniture”;it’s always the same. You can say: “I have furniture at my house.”

We can’t say, “I have a furniture.”


It’s the same with the word “clothes”.”clothes” never changes; it always stays the same.I cannot say:”I have a clothes.”


It’s the same with “money”. In English, I cannot say:”I have five money.”

“furniture” is uncountable, but talbes,chairs,desks,refrigerators,ovens – these are all things we can count.

“clothes”, again, we never change it;it always is the same, but types of clothes we can have as, we can have ten socks, five dresses.

With “money”,we don’t add and “s”,but we can count coins.

“I have five coins.”
“I have seven bills”

So,within the category, you can count, but the category itself we cannot put an “s” on that because it’s and uncountable noun.

Food and Drinks:

A lot of times different types of food and different types of drinks are also uncountalbe.

milk:We do not count milk.we can’t say: “I have one milk.”
what we can say is:”I have a glass of milk.”

I have eight cups of juice.


We don’t say:”I have 10 or 20 mustards.”

Many: is used with countable nouns, and it means a lot.
I have many dogs.

Much: is used for uncountable nouns
I don’t have much money
I don’t have much furniture.

You can use “a lot of” for both countable and uncountable nouns.
I have a lot of money.

I don’t have a lot of friends.

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