Effect Verbs and Cause Verbs

In this article, you will learn some advanced vocabulary, verbs, that you can use in your high school or univerity essays; or if you are and English student who is taking the IELTS or the TOEFL, you can use these verbs to really level up your writing in your writing tasks on those tests.What we’re going to do today is improve youre vocabulary for your writing and really make your writing that much stronger.

Sepcifically, we’re going to look at some effect verbs first. So,when you think of “effect”, you think of result of sth. So,we have the verbs: cause, produce, lead to, result in, create, bring about, give rise to, be responsible for.

Effect Verbs


The 2008 financial crisis caused several problems for multinational banks


The medication did not poduce the desired effect.

lead to:

Several international incidents led to WW II.(It causes the next step to happen)

result in:

The earthquake resulted in thousands of deaths.


The increasing rate of crime is creating numerous issues.

bring about:

The new regime brought about sticter laws.

give rise to: If sth gives rise to sth else, it means that the initial cause creates the conditions necessary for the effect to happen.

The election result gave rise to public potests.

be responsible for:

No on knows who was responsible for the vandalism.

Cause Verbs

result from: Many benefits quickly result from exercise.

be caused by: The governmental collapse was caused by the implementation of unpopular policies.

(If you want to emphasize the gov collapse, use the passive form, use the cause:”was caused by”;,if you want to emphasize the implementation of unpopular policies caused the gov collapse, you can put that first, “The implementation of unpopular policies caused the governmental collapse”. So, it really depends what you want to stress in your sentence.)

be produced by: The vase majority of air pollution in Europe is produced by fertilisers and animal waste.

be brought about by: Major ecnomic benefits could be brought about by the adoption of solar roofs.

and be triggered by: World War I was triggered by the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand.

stem from: Most of our early beliefs stem from our parents.

If your teacher or your evaluator sees you using either of these two:”stem from”,”be triggered by”,they will love you. So, menorize these two especially, because they are quite advanced and they’re lovely.They sound wonderful when they’re in an essay format.

So, you guys have a lot of new vocabulary that you have acquired here today.

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