Parallelism or Parallel Structure

This article is something called: “parallelism” or “parallel structure”. Now, in case you’ve never heard of it, or if you’ve heard of it but you’re not sure what it is, I just want to tell you that it’s something really important especially in academic circles or in the business world. All right and also socially, so, whether you were speaking, or whether you’re writing, this principle of parallelism will help you to communicate more effectively.

What is parallel?
It’s a speaking or writing technique in which you communicate more powerfully by balancing different parts of your scentence. and I’m going to show you lots of example so you understand exactly. So, when we create a sentence that has parallel structure, it means that when we have a list of items an hour sentence, all of the forms of speech should be the same. For example you have verbs verbs verbs; nouns and nouns; adjectives adjectives; adverbs and adverbs. Now that seems obvious, but in real life when people speak and write, they don’t always do that. So I’m going to show you:”what are the benefits of using parallelism?” and also exactly how do you a,scend in a sentence.

So some of the benefits that you will get when you start creating sentences with parallel structure are that your sentences will have more weight, they’ll be more balanced, they’ll have more Rhythm to them, they’ll have more style, more clarity, they’ll be more clear ,and also you’ll be able to emphasize things more. And as a result of all that, you are speaking or your writing will be much more dramatic and much more powerful, and you may not realize why, but it’s really important that this parallel structure exists.

Now, in addition, it’s not just something to make it better, it’s not just something to improve your Communication. In academic circles, if you don’t follow these parallel structure rules, it’s actually considered a mistake in writing; it is considered very weak writing ,bad writing, poor writing and you will get lower grades as a result of that. okay So it’s really important especially if you’re in the academic world, or writing anything serious or in the business world, to write this way.

Let’s look at some simple samples first.

The job demands professional qualifications, the ability to manage others and experience working around the globe.(wrong)
The job demands professional qualifications, managerial ability and globel experience.(correct)

Sometimes it’s pretty hidden. It’s very normal to write sentences that are not parallel in the beginning, until you start really becoming aware of it, and then you enjoy it, and then you say, “Wow my writing is getting so much better, my speaking is getting so much more powerful.” this is a really powerful technique.

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