The Two Most Common Errors in English Writing

The two most mommon errors in English writing
Run-on Sentence
(incorrectly joined no punctuation)

Comman Splice
(incorrectly joined with a comma)

I like youre haircut it looks really good.(RO)
I like youre haircut, it looks really good.(CS)
My brother is a doctor he works at a hospital.(RO)
My brother is a doctor, he works at a hospital.(CS)

How to fix these mistakes?
Run on Sentence: People are buying books online bookstores are closing.

First I’m going to show you two easier solutions that you can use.
1. separate with a period
People are buying books online. Bookstores are closing.

2. separate with a semi-Colon
People are buying books online; bookstores are closing.

Next we’re going to look at two slightly more advanced options

3.Make a compund Sentence

coordination conjunction: FANBOY (for and nor but or yet so)

People are buying books online and/so bookstores are closing.

4.Make a complex Sentence
subordination conjunction: before/after although/though as/since Because

Because people are buying books online, bookstores are closing.

You have learned four wonderful way to slove this very common problems. Okay? and as I said it is a serious problem even though I’m smiling and laughing, because I like to smile and laugh,it’s still a serious problem, Okay? So use one of these methods to solve the problem and that’ll be that. And pay attention to your own writing in the next week or so; look at your emails, check your writing. Are you doing this? and if not if so, fix it.

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