What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

If you are looking to buy cheap products from China, you’ve come to the right place.In this article, I’m going to show you the big online shopping websites where you can buy cheap products from China, and it is not eBay or Amazon, because eBay and Amazon pretty much these are already online shops where they are buying or people are buying from. These shops which I’ll tell you right now or show you right now,and then they are reselling on eBay and Amazon, and these guys actually I’m using both of these myself.In this article let’s go and I’ll show you these two shops, so let’s start with first one.


Most of you probably already know this one, it is AliExpress.com, and this is one of the huge like very huge where a lot of China manufactures are selling their goods and you can find pretty much everything here, what is on Amazon or what is for sale on eBay and even more you can find here, but in a second,I’ll show you another one which is even bigger than AliExpress, and it is not so popular because that is mainly for wholesale, and many people have an idea is: that is for wholesale, However I have been buying from them as well and have a account. I mean that I have a account as well here in AliExpress and I’m buying quite often from here.

Because only difference when you’re buying from eBay or Amazon or from one of these like Aliexpress and another one which I will show you in a second is that you will have to wait longer, because when you are ordering some product from Aliexpress, it will be cheaper, it will be in some cases it’s even half 50% cheaper, what you can find for example on Amazon, and thest guys let’s go to another one.


Another one is Alibaba, and the difference between AliExpress and this Alibaba site is that this is for Wholesales and like I mentioned, but here you can also get the same stuff what you are getting on AliExpress, but here you can get it even cheaper. I have been buying from Alibaba as well,and this is very huge as well, and here you can find even if you find some product for example I will show you “shoes” for example:shoes, whatever you can find anything here,here that you see,here are shoes,and here are two prices starting from this to this, and this is pretty much their wholesale price. One is if you buy one pair some places you can find one pair. But for example, this seller don’t sell less than thousand pairs. So you will not be able to get these particular shoes if you will not be buying at least 1,000 shoes.

So yes guys, these are the biggest two sellers in China and here if you go for example it’s getting into this product and that will show you you can find an even shop for this particular seller and actually for all these sellers, you can find their shops, their addresses, their website if they have and so on and so forth, all you need to do is just scroll at the very bottom and here you see “send your massage to this supplier” as you see here, and at the very top here we have on the top right, we have this kind of “supplier” or whoever is creating this as you see. Choose the cold limeted and if we click on it we get into that kind of page where we find information about this particular supplier, here it like “know about us”, and in many cases, you will find here website- the link to their website, and things like that as well.

In addition, you can hire a commission-based sourcing agent for your purchasing. These consultants wil charge between 3 to 5 percent of your purchase price. They save you money and time when it comes to sourcing product from China. This can be a win-win for both you and the sourcing companies .There are many Sourcing Companies, according to my experience I would recommend you use this Sourcing company, all of their job is to make buying from China much Easier & Safer.

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