EnglishChalk started in the year 2013 as one of the BPO companies catering different clients from US, Canada, UK and Australia. After few years, our company ventured into more satisfying opportunity and created an Online English Teaching Platform in the Philippines to help and assist people from different countries in learning the English Language.


Our Values

Efficiency and Effectiveness
We always wanted to get results and success same as our students and english tutors. Through an Online English Education, we believe that we can always achieve excellence.

What we value most are the responsibilities towards our English students and Educators. We want them to stay happy and contented.

Hard Work
All dreams can be achieved through hard work and dedication. English Chalk is always open to adapt any changes.

Above and Beyond
We go further than our employees and students’ expectations. We put diligence, directness and discipline in every  aspect of our work.

We dedicate ourselves to continuous education and research  to improve on our day to day work.

We want to provide our students the best online English tutors. This is to ensure that our Educators and Students have the same command and mastery of the English Language.